Our History

PRIME AE Group, Inc. (referred to as PRIME) is a leader in the Architectural, Engineering, and Technology fields. PRIME has been doing business across the U.S. since 1992. PRIME’s technology division, named PRIME 3SG, started in 1999 with a vision to help companies “go-digital” and ease their problems storing, locating, filing and retrieving paper, microfiche and microfilm documents.

PRIME expanded from providing document imaging services to also implementing Enterprise Content Management (ECM), also known as Enterprise Document Management solutions. A few other services and technology solutions that PRIME offers are in the areas of Geographic Information System, Data Migration, and Project Management. PRIME prides itself on creating technology solutions aimed towards increasing productivity, reducing paper usage, reducing operating costs, and increasing annual revenue for our clients across several markets.

PRIME caters to customers in a wide variety of markets in the private sector which includes Utilities, Healthcare, Insurance and the automobile industry. In the public sector we cater to all levels of government including local, state, and federal.

Our Vision

PRIME3SG strongly believes that its success will be directly attributable to providing high quality, customer focused work that exceeds our client’s expectations. We will provide, meet, and champion every IT aspect and challenge of our public and private enterprise clients. PRIME3SG will stand out as the firm of choice by providing customer focused, quality, results-oriented, value-added services across complex Technology Markets.

Our Mission

  • To provide leadership and awareness in business and technology integration.
  • To champion innovation exploiting new digital technologies; creating the capabilities needed to meet growth and efficiency demands.
  • To focus on our clients by understanding their needs and offering options that meet them.
  • To focus on our clients by understanding their needs and offering options that meet them.
  • To provide services and solutions of the utmost quality, stability, and reliability utilizing industry best practices.
  • To enhance integration and transparency.
  • To keep cost reduction a top priority and achieve a higher ROI on IT investments.
  • To revise and extend every business practice, solution and strategy to refresh IT and reinvigorate its value potential.
  • To foster a positive work environment where staff realize the reward and satisfaction that is inherent in meeting the challenge of providing outstanding customer service.

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