Document Conversion Services

Conversion Services

PRIME3SG can turn paper files and other media into an electronic format for easy retrieval and the elimination of  document-related expenses. Using the latest technology to precisely image clients’ documents, PRIME3SG is able maintain a 99.99% quality assurance rating against the industry standard in back-file conversion of 94%.

PRIME3SG’s Document Conversion Services team helps to convert and migrate documents and data from their original paper form or from an existing file system at any stage of the process. Our team has guided customers through project management, metadata analysis and design to the migration and validation processes in all scales of successful conversion projects. PRIME3SG has converted over 1 Billion records over our 22 years of experience within this industry.

Our team has extensive experience extracting data from different systems, including legacy or proprietary and home-grown solutions. When designing the taxonomy structures, we use the classifications that worked well in the existing systems, provide insight, and find additional functionality based on the business processes and compliance needs. This includes:

  • Automation for records management and keyword-based security
  • Storage design that supports high-availability, disaster recovery and compliance
  • Page-level integrity of records containing sticky notes and envelopes
  • Large or film-based file formats, including CAD, microfilm and aperture cards

Migration Services

Data is critical to supporting enterprise growth, new market opportunities and the multitude of business processes that must be consistently and effectively executed.

PRIME3SG’s Migration Services team will collaborate to decide how to best migrate, implement and configure your data for optimal performance and supportability.

Our team, of course, understands the specific considerations required when migrating from one platform to the other, but our experts also have years of real-world experience designing, migrating and configuring on a multitude of supporting infrastructure components and hardware.

We offer end-to-end Data Migration Services from initial discovery to go-live, including:

  • Evaluating, enhancing or extending the physical infrastructure supporting your data
  • Migrating software platforms
  • Page-level integrity of records containing sticky notes and envelopes
  • Providing written documentation that outlays the amount of allowable system downtime, and the impact to business needs
  • Validating all data elements were successfully migrated to the destination database
  • Providing discrepancy and analysis reports