Enterprise Information Management

PRIME TECHNOLOGY Enterprise Content Management

PRIME3SG is an industry-leading provider for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and has been an OnBase Certified Partner since 2007. Our certified staff streamlines business processes and implements solutions that help organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Enterprise Content Management comprises standards, practices, methodologies and technologies that enable an enterprise to more effectively capture, store, manage, deliver and preserve unstructured content. A strategic ECM solution will streamline your processes while staying flexible enough to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Featured Enterprise Information Management Categories:

Transactional Content Management

A system of record for managing process-related documents.

  • Capture documents
  • Manage content
  • Store, organize and track
  • Deliver documents
  • Preserve and protect

Collaborative Content Management

A system designed to process and assist the simultaneous creation of content by multiple authors across a network-based infrastructure.

This solution allows for an entire team to work off the same master document tracking changes, saving minor drafts and embedding files. More advanced systems can even allow for online meetings, white-boarding, collection and storage of project documents and version control and tracking.