Network and System Architecture

As the backbone for IT communications, the network element of enterprise architecture is becoming increasingly critical. Service Oriented Network Architecture (SONA) is Cisco’s architectural approach to designing advanced network capabilities into your infrastructure.

The Core Common Services layer is distinctive to Cisco in that no other vendor offers the breadth and depth of integrated services throughout an enterprise-class network and system architecture. This layer comprises seven major core service groups, which deliver consistent and robust capabilities throughout the network:

  • Real-Time Communication Services offer session and media management capabilities, contact center services, as well as presence functions.
  • Mobility Services provide location information, as well as device dependent functionality.
  • Application Delivery Services use application awareness to optimize performance.
  • Security Services help protect the infrastructure, data, and application layers from constantly evolving threats, and also offer access-control and identity functions.
  • Management Services offer configuration and reporting capabilities.
  • Virtualization Services deliver abstraction between physical and functional elements in the infrastructure, allowing for more flexible and reliable service operations and management.
  • Transport Services help with resource allocation and deliver on the overall Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of the application, as well as routing and topology functions.
  • Cisco Core Common Services are centered on two principles: application-focus and reusability.